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Planning your Trip

A tour in the Outback Australia is amazing and can be very interesting. To make sure that you can enjoy it, planning your trip is essential. If you don't know where to go and how far you have to go to reach your next destination, your trip can result in driving all the day long. I don't think that this is really what you intend to do.

To avoid this, your trip in the Outback Australia should be planned in advance. Here are some basic tips for planning such a trip:

  1. Plan the route
    You should know where to go. To decide where to go, good and detailed maps can be very helpful.

  2. Plan the daily stages
    Whenever possible, avoid driving long distances all the day. 4-5 hours driving a day should be enough.

  3. Here an example: The distance from Port Augusta in South Australia to Cooper Pedy via Marree and William Creek is about 750 km. I have met people doing this distance in one day. I would allow at least three days for this distance.

  4. Look for your overnight stay in time
    You should always know where to spend the next night. You should reach your next camp in time.  To pitch camp takes a while and is easier during daylight.

  5. Don't forget the catering
    Catering with food and water must be planned too when travelling in the Outback. And don't forget to fill up with petrol. Where is the next petrol station?

  6. Check your equipment
    Do you have the right equipment? If you plan to drive on Gravel Roads, a 4WD is essential.  Are you prepared for the case of an emergency?

You never should forget your safety. The most important rules are listed on the "Safety in the Outback" page

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